Travel Guide: Austin, TX

Summer time is my time to travel because I have the time off from teaching! I love that about teaching. Since summer is my travel time, why not do a bloggers girls trip to Austin, Texas? I've never been to Austin until now. Before going to Austin I had the impression that it would be super arty and hipstery... and it's safe to say I was pretty much on the money. (note to y'all that's really not my speed, I'm more the country-city girl!) However, VIEW POST

Travel Guide: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is one of my favorite places to visit and be a complete tourist. The coolest thing of this place is there's so many different things to do, which involve both country and city. On the travel blog, I'm sharing all my favorite things to do in Nashville. You'll read about adventures both in the city and the country side too! (I recommend having a car if you want to see it all in a short period of time) If y'all follow this VIEW POST